Dienstag, 14. November 2006

Porsche Renndienst

Open day at Rüdgers Renndienst

Check the bike at the back, only one of those are ever made.
It`s a "Heß" build with a BMW frame and a 90 hp 356 engine.
The dash belong to Porsche Spyder note the 2 wipers one out and one inside the window!

A Carrera was prepared for a rallye in Austalia.

A old furmula racecar ready for the next race

Porsche Meeting Mannheim 2006

At the first september weekend we enjoyed the Porsche Meeting in Mannheim.
What should i say..... it was perfect organized by Christian and his crew - Thanks a lot for those great weekend.

A part of the meeting was a "Rallye" across the Odenwald.
We had to "raced" against some 911, 356 Coupes, Cabriolets and Speedsters.
After 150 KM our team Adde/Gero get the 13th place.
Not bad for a car without a working speedo!

Christian`s ex P.E. Strähle replica powered by a pre 356 engine close to a meisen-blue vert.

think those would be a nice gift for my wife......

My favorite of the weekend !!!!

Sonntag, 12. November 2006

Got rust?

Those fastback is for sale by a car dealer in our area.
Interested ?

summer evening

think those pic need no words......


Our twins Annika & Chris like also those kind of cars.
Most of their friends have never heard somthing about a Type 3, Type T2a or a 912!


Here you see my ebay found from the summer 2006.
Its a ´66 Porsche 912 sunroof coupe with cosmic wheels
in fair condition.


My old racecar, unfortunately sold a couple of months ago.

Technical details:

2.1 engine - 48 IDA`s - Pauter cam - Udo Becker haeds - home build muffler -

178 HP - close ratio gearbox with hd sideplates and so on -

what a joy to drive!!!

reay - before and after

decide yourself. Stock or slammed - witch is your favorite?


thanks to Jörg for the nice lettering

lowering job

Beam and dropped spindles installed.

2 tees lowered at the back.

wheels at this time are

5,5x14" SA-Sprint Stars

Something to do

brake & paint job

During i have to wait for my
ordered beam i`ve use the
time for some work at the
Remove the dirt from 35 years.
Seem the dirt and dust was
a very well rust protection.

Burn out

Problem - the garage was not high enough.
No not realy a problem.
Flat tires few kids inside an it should work.

This was my first burn out with my bus.

inside the same....

a little water

Clean it!

Its only the dust from the last 15 years

`68 Bay, how it starts....

Fresh from Autria.
Last driven in 1989.

Next to her a 1970 Fire brigade.

Those one had to go for the withe one.

Got patina....

Currently we own a couple of classic aircoold cars.

My favorite at the moment was our slammed early `68 Baywindow Bus.

Those nice thing i found few years ago in Austria.

The Bay was never restored never welded but loaded with a lot of patina.

I slammed it with a WAGENSWEST narrowed beam and a set of dropped spindles.

At the moment the original engine is still in the back may she gets a bigger one the next months.

(need some work during the winter)

Wheels are mags from the Porsche 914-6 still i unrestored condition, think they looking great on the bus.

some history....

..... since 20 years now i own and drive aircooled cars.

All starts with my girl friends first car. She wants to have a pink one.

The first pink car we found was a 1967 1500 bug, today a very rare modell.

A few weeks later i bought a 1302 with a TDE engine wide steelwheels and Willibald-fenders.

This was back in 1985.

Around 20 different Bugs Karmann ghias type 3 and busses i`ve owend the follow years.

First stepps

ok will try to start my own blog......