Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2007

Pick up a Pickup

When you buy a car in the swiss, i think its a Must that the Landscape has to look like above!
In front of my Passat you see a Renault R8 Gordini,
its the owner of the pickup i`ve to pick up.......
we meet us close to the highway i`ve to follow him tho his nice farm.
the first time i saw the "Garage Fischer"-special personally, not only from pics

what the hell is this????
i dont know a lot but as far as i know it was build in the late 50`s or early 60`s
by a coachbuilder named Fischer, they build 5 pcs.
The pickup looks similar the the Beutler pickup that was build in the same time.
In my VW history i saw ony 1 of them (Oval based beutler) in the last 18 years.
I`ve also the original paperwork to the car, it says: Lieferwagen Kabine mit Brücke.
That means, delivery van, single cab with loading area.

by the way, those car was last driven in 1971, more than 36 years ago.....

the seller said:
"sorry the wheels are not correct, the original ones are missing"
i said: no matter.....

at home afer a 300 km ride

original Oval dash

removeable shortend rear W-decklid

touring club swiss

with a narrowed adjustable beam it would look mmmuuuahhahhh......

a lot of space at the back

still original taillights

1 of 5 ever build.....

Review Bug In 2007

What a cool display......
"Monaco Special"

Very nice pannel, love it
Barbie Pickup :-)
Patina Bomber
nice couple

Stephane`s Oval, just fineshed in time

Ole`s Racer

Thank a lot to Kobus an his crew for a wonderfull weekend