Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2007

Pick up a Pickup

When you buy a car in the swiss, i think its a Must that the Landscape has to look like above!
In front of my Passat you see a Renault R8 Gordini,
its the owner of the pickup i`ve to pick up.......
we meet us close to the highway i`ve to follow him tho his nice farm.
the first time i saw the "Garage Fischer"-special personally, not only from pics

what the hell is this????
i dont know a lot but as far as i know it was build in the late 50`s or early 60`s
by a coachbuilder named Fischer, they build 5 pcs.
The pickup looks similar the the Beutler pickup that was build in the same time.
In my VW history i saw ony 1 of them (Oval based beutler) in the last 18 years.
I`ve also the original paperwork to the car, it says: Lieferwagen Kabine mit Brücke.
That means, delivery van, single cab with loading area.

by the way, those car was last driven in 1971, more than 36 years ago.....

the seller said:
"sorry the wheels are not correct, the original ones are missing"
i said: no matter.....

at home afer a 300 km ride

original Oval dash

removeable shortend rear W-decklid

touring club swiss

with a narrowed adjustable beam it would look mmmuuuahhahhh......

a lot of space at the back

still original taillights

1 of 5 ever build.....

Review Bug In 2007

What a cool display......
"Monaco Special"

Very nice pannel, love it
Barbie Pickup :-)
Patina Bomber
nice couple

Stephane`s Oval, just fineshed in time

Ole`s Racer

Thank a lot to Kobus an his crew for a wonderfull weekend

Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2007

now he simles again

After a 2 day stop at a small body shop he looks now nearly like before :-)

The guy there dit a great job. Thanks Stefan!!!

The paint i dit myself, think the job was also done right.

Also the engine is running now great.

The first longer trip goes to the european bug in and back (1000 km).

Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2007

shit happens.....

please dont ask, was my fault.....

Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2007

T 2a Update

at the pasenger / cargo ariea i removed the old panels (see above)
an changed them against "new" ones.
Dit i say new, ok, i mean used ones from a junk yard bus.
I spend arround 13.- Euro for a can color so they look now pretty good.
Also the wood trim gets a new paint.
a realy cheap "upholstery-job"

Few weeks ago i found a pair of Talbot Berlin mirrows on a swapmeet.
15.- Euro for the pair, i cant say no......

At the back.......
or whats going on behind the engine decklid....

Since few months i look for some engine parts to build a 1776 Typ 1
I`ve a new case, chrank, piston /cylinder an so on but some parts are still missing.
So i checked few internet sides for parts.
At one day i found a very small add: 1600 356 engine price: ???? €
5 minutes later after a phone call with the seller i was sitting in my car to pick up the engine.
The price was realy good, so i think i cant go wrong with this deal.

First i tought, it should go in to my 56 Oval but why not try to put it in the bus?
Some parts i had to change ore bulid
the generater is a small 6 Volt so i had to look for a 12 Volt
I searched 2 months for one, finaly i bought a compleet VW industial engine to get a 90mm generater with 12 Volt.
The Starter now is a 6 Volt version to match to the flywheel.
Also i had to build a adapter from the 356 engine to the T2a engine cross beam.
Finaly all fitts.
I still have to do some adjustment on the 32 NDIX carbs but hopefully they will work soon.

Donnerstag, 29. März 2007

Volksworld Show 2007

not the best weather to start a trip to London.....
after 690 km our first stop for more than 5 minutes, 3 hours to sleep before we has to check in at the ferry

We arrived Friday afternoon, on of the first cars i saw was those pretty cool oval window bug

the love bug, Herbie was at the show!

Timemachine a real cal looker back from the 70`s

Boris`s 1303 ready for the show

Gunnar`s T2a was fineshed just in time for the show.
First trip from Reutlingen to Pforzheim about 70 km and than sraight to London 900km, respekt!!!

cool splittys all around....

hot wheel dragster in the size 1:1

perfekt Camper


this is how my 912 should look some days

lowered low light outside the hall

black on fuchs
slammed it looks mutch better than a half year ago at the bug show in spa

Golden Oval, best of show winner

green hearts foto shooting on sunday afternoon

on the way back home....