Freitag, 3. Dezember 2010

vintage speed puzzle

still in mind - my 54 vintage speed projekt...... or lets say puzzle

old stuff i would use..... a pre A engine sits at the garage
i get the for a good price few years ago with the stuff above

`54 sunroof standart bug - the perfect base for a old rallye inspired car

original 4.5 x15 356 wheels.....
and the brakes to mount them....
think i`ve 95% of the stuff to build the car, a lot of parts i´ve since 15-20 years
but the day should have 40 hours to make all the thinks you have to do.....

Montag, 29. November 2010

full house

Full house now
for the next few months the buses have to stay in the garage

few minutes later the 56 Oval was parked and also the old english lady

each one has his own flair
the 79 - our camper - we took it the last few years for our holiday trips
and its not for sale (my wife says)
the 55 panel - was a fun and practical toy over the summer - will not miss it next year
the 68 bay - as old as i, no welding done so far and also no needed - a rock solid bay
today its hard to find a honest and good example like this - so its better to keep it

so unfortunately no more space......

Sonntag, 28. November 2010

Last ride 2010

after 4000 km since june it was now time for the last ride in 2010.


yesterday i`ve to move my old cars to make some space for the `55 bus
i really hate to store them the next few months but i will not drive those old toy on the salty roads over the winter :-(
so.... done! it looks a little small but im sure he will fit in (will see later this day)