Sonntag, 7. August 2011

1303 Cabrio for sale

lovely choclate brown 03 Cabrio
80500 km
build 1977 delivered to Italy, 1981 imported to UK
1983 New paint and new hood fitted
Last owner for more than 18 years
1585 ccm, 50 HP
still realy nice condition
all papers/bills since 1981
Price: 12500.- €

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

`55 is sign written now

the `55 Bus got a new dress

the first steps......

like back in the 50`s - no stickers, no airbrush - just painted by hand

thanks Roland for the perfekt work

Roland @ work :-)

Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Hebmüller Barnfind

found those nice Hebmüller last weekend at a local fleamarket
Love it

Lovely Ghia is gone now

my 69 Ghia in gone now :-(
the new owner will restore it for his wife

Dienstag, 15. März 2011

Wulle Bulli

Lovely Wulle-Bulli seen at the Reto Classic in Stuttgart.
One of my favorite Cars at the show.

Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

Sprint Stars

BBT Sprint Stars arrived
nice looking wheels for your classic ride
different size and offset available
ask for a quote

Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

little Honda

My little Honda CB 50 is gone now. :-(
After more than 2 years in the garage she has to go.
I used her only one time for maybe 2 km.
Think the space i get now i have to fill with somthing older.....

Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

`69 Ghia

nice `69 rust free Karmann Ghia 4sale
1 owner - never welded - blue plate califonia car
86k miles - all papers since new

Samstag, 22. Januar 2011


Sorry no 5x130 Cosmics at the moment.
They are sold out until the end of february.
The 5x112 are still available.

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

Australien DSR Karmann

Lovely pic i found from a cutomers car at
so far the only set of our wheels which found the way to australia

Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

engine work continued

carbs disassembeld and cleaned

cut the edges at the Scat C25 cam

the next few days the case will machined for the 90.5 bore
also the heads are out of the house for new valve guieds

Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Some extra "GO" for the bus

The new year starts with the plan to add some more "go" into the old Bus.
the "new" engine should have a little more power than stock
realized with some old school tuning

so i decide to add some cm³ and a TDE 34PCI carbs

Work starts with a head job

now they ported and the valve guides removed
heads cut out for 90.5 cylinders

Valve size will be stock 32/35
compression would be 9.5:1

the old 34 PCI carbs looking bad inside.....
so cleaning cleaning cleaning........

more coming soon.....