Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2007

T 2a Update

at the pasenger / cargo ariea i removed the old panels (see above)
an changed them against "new" ones.
Dit i say new, ok, i mean used ones from a junk yard bus.
I spend arround 13.- Euro for a can color so they look now pretty good.
Also the wood trim gets a new paint.
a realy cheap "upholstery-job"

Few weeks ago i found a pair of Talbot Berlin mirrows on a swapmeet.
15.- Euro for the pair, i cant say no......

At the back.......
or whats going on behind the engine decklid....

Since few months i look for some engine parts to build a 1776 Typ 1
I`ve a new case, chrank, piston /cylinder an so on but some parts are still missing.
So i checked few internet sides for parts.
At one day i found a very small add: 1600 356 engine price: ???? €
5 minutes later after a phone call with the seller i was sitting in my car to pick up the engine.
The price was realy good, so i think i cant go wrong with this deal.

First i tought, it should go in to my 56 Oval but why not try to put it in the bus?
Some parts i had to change ore bulid
the generater is a small 6 Volt so i had to look for a 12 Volt
I searched 2 months for one, finaly i bought a compleet VW industial engine to get a 90mm generater with 12 Volt.
The Starter now is a 6 Volt version to match to the flywheel.
Also i had to build a adapter from the 356 engine to the T2a engine cross beam.
Finaly all fitts.
I still have to do some adjustment on the 32 NDIX carbs but hopefully they will work soon.