Samstag, 22. Mai 2010


today i found the time to fineshd the most of the work to get the 55
ready for the road. The rear shocks i changed to NOS`ones and thanks to Christopher at Bugwelder the E-Brake cable fits perfect!!

after the first few km`s

may i will lower it a little more but as it is it drives really well an i know it form my 68 who kiss the ground it looks porn but it drives......

sure at these perfect day the safaris must be open

not only i ad a smile at my face
a lot of tumps up from the people i meet at the testdrive

Montag, 17. Mai 2010

Vintage VW Meeting Oberwolfach

a nice weekend at the Black Forest is over
a lot of classic VW`s found the way to Oberwolfach
the weather could be better but the rest of the event was perfect.

for those who have a lot of snow in front of the house....

the Heb after a 600+ km trip!!! not on a trailer

for more room add a crewcab roof to your bus - 70 style :-)

House of Blues.....

nice lowlight

hopfully the team around Andreas will do this again in a few years!
the location, the landscape, the party, all was great - THANKS