Donnerstag, 29. März 2007

Volksworld Show 2007

not the best weather to start a trip to London.....
after 690 km our first stop for more than 5 minutes, 3 hours to sleep before we has to check in at the ferry

We arrived Friday afternoon, on of the first cars i saw was those pretty cool oval window bug

the love bug, Herbie was at the show!

Timemachine a real cal looker back from the 70`s

Boris`s 1303 ready for the show

Gunnar`s T2a was fineshed just in time for the show.
First trip from Reutlingen to Pforzheim about 70 km and than sraight to London 900km, respekt!!!

cool splittys all around....

hot wheel dragster in the size 1:1

perfekt Camper


this is how my 912 should look some days

lowered low light outside the hall

black on fuchs
slammed it looks mutch better than a half year ago at the bug show in spa

Golden Oval, best of show winner

green hearts foto shooting on sunday afternoon

on the way back home....

Dienstag, 27. März 2007

Retro Classic Stuttgart

before and after....

Thanks to Gero, i "rent" the suggar daddy for our display,

unfortunaly i`ve no pic from our booth :-(

Old 850 Spider, put a hot Typ 1 in the back and have fun....

funky Porsche

a Mercedes Pagode after "parking" 30 years in the river Neckar.
(car was found last year)