Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

1951 AJS M20

Yesterday i put my old AJS "Racer" out of the garage for a general cleaning and some TLC.
After checking the oil, cleaning the sparkplugs and the fuelfilter she runs after the second kick.

I own her now since 2 years, original he runs in the swiss from 1951 till 1957 than she was parked in a garage. Around 1974 she was modified into a racer but never driven.
The bike was not restored, only the tires where changed 2 years ago the rest is still in the condition i found her.
So after 2 year of "nice weater use" it was time for a new TÜV- check.

The check at the was the same like 2 years ago i think the Tüv-guy was afraid to drive her.
He ask me if i can do the brake test for him in fact of the shifter was on the right side end he will not try this :-)
the second question was - does the light work, yes sure.
OK, thats fine, so here are your papers back, be carefull.
Thanks - it takes around 2 minutes for the hole check - therefor i`ve to pay 39.- Euros.....
not the ceapest sticker you can buy ;-)

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