Montag, 1. November 2010


After a lot of work we spend the last weekend in Hamburg
not realy relaxing - there is so mutch to see there.....

First stop was at the POTOTYP -museum
what a great collection!

yes i got a special "WHEELERDEALER-photo-permission"

carerra Engine

coachbuild somewhat???

sexy curves

whatching the video in style

early VW / Tatra based reace engine


Mathe - Bulli
inside our hotel:

the roof of the dinning room - the hole hotel was loadet with old stuff

somewhere at night -T2a in front of the Handelskammer

Hamburg at night

best street music ever - Rock`n Roll

Where it all ends.... somewhere at the Reeperbahn....


wheelerdealer hat gesagt…

love your pics and especially the one with the Matador and the one with the shirt ;-)

what was the foto permission all about? wasn´t it allowed to take any pics normally?

Adde hat gesagt…

sure its allowed to make pics - if you pay 2.50 € extra to your ticket....